3 DE MAIO 2020


Love Tiles Douro Granfondo 2020
Discovering a new Douro in the oldest demarcated region

After five editions in the same region, will it be possible to continue to innovate and surprise the participants? Not only it is possible but is precisely what we will do at Love Tiles Douro Granfondo 2020. With 80 per cent of the course entirely new, we will take the peloton through an unknown Douro, we will introduce a new territory in the race that runs through the oldest demarcated region in the world, the Alto Douro Vinhateiro.
In the end, we do not doubt, the feeling that will invade our friends and participants will be exactly the same as the theme of the 2020 edition: joy!

The city of Peso da Régua will be the starting point and the one of reunion, after crossing the counties of Mesão Frio, Resende, Armamar, Tabuaço, Alijó and Sabrosa. Choose one of the three routes that we propose - Granfondo (152 km), Mediofondo (94 km) and Minifondo (66 km) - and you are sure to pass unforgettable places where you will want to return, such as Penajoia, one of the cherry capitals of Portugal, the Ermida Bridge, Pinhão or the beautiful village of Covas do Douro.

Come and rediscover the world heritage region in Love Tiles Douro Granfondo 2020.

On May 3, 2020 come and suffer with joy!