5 DE MAIO 2019



Love Tiles Douro Granfondo 2019:
come feel the passion for the Douro and for cycling!

What drives someone to face the hardness of work in the vineyard?
What drives someone to face the harshness of cycling?
What leads the new generations to return to the land of the ancestors and renew the vine and the wines?
What leads the new generations to pedal, renewing an ancestral sport?
The answer lies in the beauty of the terraces of the Douro!
The answer lies in the beauty of cycling itself!

The answer is in passion! The same passion that made the Douro Vinhateiro the most beautiful and ancient wine region worldwide; the same passion that makes Love Tiles Douro Granfondo the biggest and best event of cycling for all in Portugal.

On May 5, 2019, Love Tiles Douro Granfondo will be back on the road and in the heart of bike lovers. Granfondo (162 km / 3220 m of accumulated climbing), Mediofondo (112 km / 2150 m) or Minifondo (60 km / 700 m), the choice of the distance belongs to each of you, but the passion belongs to all of them and to all of you.

We will once again depart at Peso da Régua, we will climb again to Tabuaço by the mouth of the Têdo, passing through Alijó, São João da Pesqueira, Armamar and Carrazeda de Ansiães; we will take the most beautiful road in the world, the N-222, and surpass the Wall of Cadão, among many other attractions of the beautiful World Heritage Region, such as Foz do Tua, Valeira dam or Pinhão.

In 2018, there were more than 3,000 those who allowed themselves to be taken by Douro and cycling. And at the head of this peloton of lovers was one of the best cyclists of all time, Alberto Contador, a champion who aroused passion among cycling fans. And that returned home in love with Love Tiles Douro Granfondo.

On May 5, 2019, you'll also ride the Love Tiles Douro Granfondo.

You will also feel the passion for the Douro and for cycling.