8 MAYO 2022

Alto Douro Vinhateiro

Alto Douro Vinhateiro

With almost 900 km of extension in Portuguese territory, the Douro River crosses the north of the country in the same way that the great arteries cross the human body, carrying blood and life. For that i what this water-way has meant over the centuries to its people: life!

"Golden" or "hard", the origin of his name is confused with his character, indomitable and at the same time precious. On its banks are cultivated some of the world's best wines, namely the one that gives it more fame, Port Wine, and that annually attracts thousands and thousands of tourists to a scenario that combines like few the natural beauty and the transformations operated by the human hand.

Alto Douro Vinhateiro is the oldest demarcated region in the world (1756) and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. Since 1990, it has been completely navigable from Porto, where the mouth of the river is, to Barca d'Alva, a total of 210 km.

A tourist region par excellence, Alto Douro Vinhateiro has, since 2014, another Ex Libris: Love Tiles Douro Granfondo, the biggest cycling for all event in Portugal and that has attracted over 3000 lovers of the sport yearly to its roads and breathtaking landscapes. Among these are many foreigners, coming from the most diverse nationalities, thus constituting another pole of attraction of this wonderful and welcoming region.